An exceptional land, a savoir-faire, a draws us back for more

” We would like to share the enjoyment we experience when we cultivate our land.”

Our vines

Our grapes are the result of the care we take when farming, always respecting the vines and the soil in which they grow. Because of this our vines last along time : on average around 50 years.

Our white wines

For white wine, the ground is clay-calcareous, giving the grapes and consequently the wine good acidity and balance with added distinguishing features relating to the soil and the vintage.

The 3 appellations comes from the Chardonnay grape variety :


This is the most important of the Maconnais region which reaches as far as the Tournus-Cluny-Macon triangle. Our Macon wine is located in the Solutre-Pouily district, laying claim to the MACON SOLUTRE POUILLY appellation. It is one of the rare Macon wines situated on the top of the hill above Pouilly Fuisse.


These vines are located in the south of Burgundy, in the Maconnais vineyard. Created by a decree of 6th January 1971, it includes the districts of Saint-Vérand, Chânes, Letnes, Prissé, Solutré-Pouilly and Davayé.
Our Saint-Véran is produced exclusively in the Davayé district.


These vines are located in the Mâconnais vineyards, in the south of Burgundy. Created by a decree of 11th September 1936, the appellation includes 4 districts: Solutre-Pouilly, Vergisson, Fuisse and Chaintre. The vines are on sunny slopes offering ideal exposure for great wines.
Our Pouilly Fuisse vineyards are divided up into separate parcels of land. We own about thirty individual plots enabling us to offer blended varietes as well as individual cuvee.

Our red wines

Our red wine vintages are made from the Gamay grape variety grown in more sandy soil.

Four appellations issued from the Gamay grape variety:


MACON is the most important of the Maconnais region, reaching as far as the Tournus-Cluny-Macon triangle.
Our Macon-Davaye is one of the rare red wines produced in Davayé. This area was once a thriving area for red wine production before it was converted into white with the advent of Saint-Veran in 1971.


CHENAS is produced in the Chenas and La Chapelle de Guinchay districts. It is the smallest wine producing area of the Beaujolais appellation.
Our Chenas comes from a unique parcel of land on the ‘La Chapelle-de-Guinchay’ district.

Moulin à vent

MOULIN A VENT is located in the Romaneche Thorins and Chenas districts: it is the only Beaujolais vintage which does not have the name of a village.
Our Moulin a Vent comes from a single parcel of land.


BEAUJOLAIS comes from vast area, produced in the region of Rhone and some Saone et Loire districts. Our Beaujolais comes from century-old vines.

Cremant de Bourgogne

Made from white grapes, 100% Chardonnay grapes and developed (to add a sparkle) using our traditional methods.

Conditions générales de vente

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